​ Dawn Celeste McGregor​
        ~Intuitive Reader, Life Coach and Writer

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Relationship Coaching

Dawn coaches individuals, couples and more-somes through all levels of relationships, dating and the search
for love. 

Dawn creates a safe space to promote introspection and vulnerability. She utilizes her intuition to guide her in asking the right questions about what is the base cause of the discord. 

Dawn focuses on:

  • promoting intimacy

  • communication issues

  • confict resolution

  • boundary work

  • openness to experience

  • building trust

  • dismantling shame and guilt

  • ​handling differences and limitations

  • exporing limiting belief structures 

  • finding meaning, personally and in relationships

  • promoting acceptance

  • allowing choice

  • understanding control and patterns

  • embracing vulnerability

  • respecting yourself and others

  • personal and relationship responsibility

  • embracing unity and inclusiveness

  • learning how to give and recieve encouragement

  • flourishing with self-actualization and personal betterment

  • creating interest in your partner's growth and pleasure

  • taking action in what you desire