​ Dawn Celeste McGregor​
                           ~Relationship Coach/Writer

Dawn Celeste McGregor is relationship, sexuality, dating coach and writer. She accomodates all genders, sexualities and relationship models.

Dawn's unique and open-minded methods incite deeper levels of intimacy and create expansive connections. 
What To Expect

Dawn Celeste provides a safe space for you to explore your authentic self. She uses her extensive background as a professional intuitive to guide you into discovering your deepest desires as well as blockages. Her many years as a counselor and philosopher give her insight into you and your partner's patterns and belief structures. She finds what is restricting you from having expansive, healthy, deep, rewarding and fulfilling relationships. Dawn promotes intimacy and expansive connections on all levels.

She sees you as your individual matrix, a beautiful combination of your soul, experiences and beliefs. Dawn celebrates diversity and honors your unique way of being. With her extraordinarily non-judgmental and open demeanor, you will feel at ease with her “no bullshit” approach.

Dawn works with all varieties of relationships from new to extremely developed. She is experienced with individual and couples coaching. She also helps prepare you for finding the ultimate relationship and with the dating process. Dawn coaches all relationship model types. She also works with her husband, Mac McGregor, as a romantic, dating and image coach.  

Dawn dives into all aspects of the relationship structure and is existential in her approach, encouraging authenticity, responsibility, respect and trust.

Using compassion and openness to rock your world, Dawn digs into your very essence. You will be enveloped in feelings of being understood and seen as not only what you show the world, but who you are deep inside. She focuses her attention fully on your individual needs.

Dawn will walk with you through every step of your self-awareness; she will will hold your hand through the unravelling of your fears, hopes, dreams and expressions of self. She offers many diverse techniques to assist you in building your relationships into something expansive and extraordinary.  Dawn will challenge you; she will see through you and she will hold you in all that you are. She embraces the raw and authentic as pathways to truth and acceptance. You and your relationships will evolve into more than you have ever envisioned.

Dawn works with individuals, couples and non-traditional relationship models

Queer, Straight and Kink Friendly 

Regular Rates

$95 per hour
$125 per 1.5 hour

5 hour-long Sessions for $375

Holiday Special: 3 hour-long Sessions for $225

$25 off Your First Session